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A scary and taboo-challenging word for some people; a very good and relaxing way to please our bodily senses. These two ideas are running along with current concepts. In spite of all said about masturbation, it seems that people still feel ashamed to approach this subject. Teenagers can easily talk to their friends about sex, but, in fact, they are as unprepared as them. The first thing teenagers should know is that to masturbate is very different than have sex, because this second one involve many other things, like STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and risk of pregnancy, for example. They must be very warned about sex consequences and everything linked to it. That is where school and parents should play their roles.

Today, with the amazing advent of internet, young people have access to every kind of information they want, just by clicking and navigating. If they want to know everything about sex positions to have a good sexual performance, they can easily find it. If they want to be informed about STDs, they can get it, too. But, honestly, the most visited sites are those with XXX content: (Porn/erotic photographs and Videos).
With respect to society, sex was always a taboo. We must realize that everybody do it. We must be concerned about the youth and how will they face sex if they do not have pinpoint accuracy information on it. The less doubtful youngsters become regarding sex; more guaranteed they will be on relationships and on their own lives, because sex does not involve only the obtaininance of pleasure.

Sex can be a very pleasurable thing. Only practice will make people more comfortable to explore its possibilities fully. To increase the quality of time that you spend in bed with someone else is very important to explore the many ways sex can be presented to us. Sometimes, those who lead active sexual life feel like they want more than just simple and quick intercourse. According to this need, there is available, today, a huge number of sources to learn how to make alternative and more pleasurable sex.

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